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What is Mediation?

Mediation is a way of resolving conflict in a collaborative manner with a focus on the future and rebuilding relationships, rather than apportioning blame. In practice it means sitting down and talking confidentially and frankly with the other party whilst a mediator facilitates the conversation and ensures that it remains fair, constructive and with clear aims in a way uniquely tailored to the parties needs and circumstances.


The Mediator is trained to help people discuss their differences and resolve their problem at hand.

The mediator does not take sides or concludes which one is right and which one is wrong but rather helps the parties work out their problems through an open discussion.


Mediation is fair, efficient, cost-effective and fast in resolving issues between the parties in dispute. 

Most importantly, the relationship between the sides can actually be preserved if handled by a professional acreddited mediator.

"Daily mediation is a healthy spiritual exercise"

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